Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady have, what can only be described as, a long, successful  history together.  Having known each other since they were pre-teens, their chemistry together is really amazing. Bringing, what was billed as an "Acoustic and Electric" night with Hot Tuna - wonderfully included but two acoustic numbers to open the show. I love HT acoustic, but I like to rock out with Jorma and Jack! Click on over to setlist.fm to see the set list... I love Hot Tuna electric and Live. I am admittedly a late comer to their music. (I know!), I find myself drawn to their live shows like a moth to a flame. They just never disappoint and frequently, surprise beyond expectation. With the fantastic Justin Guip on drums, these childhood friends, who are nearly all grown, put on another show for the books at The Birchmere. Favorite parts: The two acoustic numbers - It's just a treat to see Jorma up close. And Jack - when it's his turn, you feel it.  He is a master bassist.  So subtle with so much sound and at times raw power - Jack Casady is a show on his own. I was excited to photograph them again.  This is the third time I think - and each time is a blast.  They enjoy lights!! Thank God!   They don't really dance anymore (although, Jack can move!), and the lighting at the Birchmere is the best in the Capital area. I have become friendly with the entire staff there, and just haven't gotten around to interviewing original owner, Gary Oelze. He has owned and operated The Birchmere since it opened in 1966 and added music in 1975. Having since become a definite stop for most acts, big and small, it is great being close enough to drive.  Anyway - I hope you enjoy the photos - I know had fun taking them!  A big thank you to Hot Tuna's management and PR for the generosity and warmth.

See all the photos from this killer show!


Toronzo Cannon, blues guitarist from the mid-west, brought his Chicago Way to the Hamilton in DC on Sept 4, 2021.  Toronzo has a unique rockin' style, filled with original, romance centered, blues tunes.  Each with a story - some funny, some realistic. Toronzo, besides being a super talented guitarist, is pretty funny as well.  He also has a way with the women!  Go see Toronzo if you are able.

See the shots from the show here


Tab Benoit is becoming a true blues legend. With his thin-line telecasters plugged directly into his amp - he doesn't resort to using any toys or effects to create his unique sound - only his fingers!  Having seen Tab numerous times now, I am still amazed that he seems to get better each time I see him. With his long time bassist Corey Duplechin and drummer Terence Higgins, this is a trio of amazing talent. Tab summons a level of energy that leaves one to believe that he truly loves to play. And he does. The raw, heart-felt sounds he creates with his guitar and his perfectly in-line vocals, combine to literally blow you out of your seat! His talent is off the charts! He can sing ballads such as "Sunset" with the same feeling and soulfulness as his rockin' tunes like "Medicine" (from the album of the same name), "Night Train", and his covers of tunes like "I Put A Spell On You".  Although beginning as a drummer (and a stand-up comedian), Tab was made to thrash his guitar.  He leaves every audience I've been a part of feeling elated and not wanting the show to end.  Tab is also hilarious - his musical breaks are filled with very funny, off the cuff stories.  Tab is a true performer.

See the photos from the show.


A definite must-see at the Lancaster roots & Blues festival was Eric Gales.  Having seen him a few times already I knew what to expect: a hard driviing, rock & roll guitarist with a message.  Eric is being spoken about as one of the best guitarists out there now, and I think, deservedly so. Eric is so powerful, in his singing, his playing for sure, his movements, and even his stories. It would be hard not to be intrigued and interested in Eric and his music.  He plays a right handed guitar upside down, and not even tuned for a lefty, but strung as a right handed guitar. It makes watching him play, something you need to get used to...strings being bent all backwards....but - he can wail on that guitar!   His talent is undeniable.  I look forward to seeing and photographing Eric many more times in the future.

​See all the shots of Eric in action!

I had very little idea what to expect from Lindsey Buckingham when he rolled into the Warner Theatre on Sep 14, 2021.  For the short time I was there I was treated to some very tasty orginal tunes.  One thing is certain, Mr. Buckingham can still play his guitar with a style and passion that is clearly his own.  His voice was in great shape and sounded wonderful backing himself up. It's been years since seeing Fleetwood Mac, so I thought it would be worth checking him out. I was not disappointed.  With all the talent and tasty guitar work still in tact.  I do, however, wish the band would reconcile.  He belongs with them singing the classics. 

​Check out the photos!

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The Fabulous Thunderbirds still have that sound.  That sound made famous by Jimmie Vaughan and other original members, of which, on two are left in the band.  The Lead singer and the drummer. The show was good, though I'm unlikely to go see them again. It was fun to reminisce, that's about all.

See photos here

Robert Cray
9/28/21 - The Birchmere - Alexandria, VA

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December 8, 2021

A shout out to the legendary 9:30 club in DC.  The long-time music venue has become world famous for the quality of music the club brings in night after night.

It has certainly become one of our favorite places to catch a show here in DC.  With a capacity of approximately 1,200 people, a killer sound system, cutting edge, nationally known acts, and a staff that is second to none, you can always count on a good time at a 9:30 club show!

Thank you all!

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​​​Rock, Roots, & Blues - Live


I went to see Jon Anderson, legendary singer of the band Yes.  What I saw was Mr. Anderson performing with 20-25 teenage want-to-be musicians studying with the Paul Green Rock Academy.  Paul Green is the founder of the School of Rock.  The hit Broadway musical that gave rise to stars like Brandon "Taz" Neiderauer..I was less than impressed with them, and Jon Anderson. While still having his unique sounding voice has lost a bit of his abilities.  I took some shots with a point and shoot camera.

See the photos here


Robert Cray. It must have been the twentieth time I've seen him, but he just blew me away at The Birchmere on Sept 28, 2021.  One of his shows where he really let loose on his guitar. Robert puts on a very well rehearsed and clean performance, but every once in a while, he just seems to let his fingers go and play - really play - his guitar.  One of the most talented blues guitarists alive - Robert can get amazing tones and feelings out of his guitar at will.  I'm very glad this night in September was one of them.  I could see a whole Robert Cray show, with only a few tunes with lyrics.  His guitar playing is mesmerizing.  And his voice is as sweet and soulful as ever,  With his long-time bassist, Richard Cousins, Robetr squeezes all the sound possible out of each tune, and he has a lot of songs!  I hope to be seeing Robert live for many many years to come.

Check out all the photos from the show


Michael Franti and Spearhead opened he show for Trombone Shorty (along with he Rebirth Brass Band).  It was my first time seeing him and his band, but hopefully hot the last!  He has an infectious sound, a killer voice, and many stories about his views on life.  I found them to be really fun and talented. It's easy to tell that Mr. Franti has a definite view point on life and living.  He seems spiritual and it comes across in his music. 

See the shots of Michael Franti and Spearhead


​Another of my "had to see acts" at the Lancaster Roots & Blues festival was definitely Larkin Poe. Having only seen a few YouTube clips, I was anxious to see them live. They did not disappoint. Transitioning from bluegrass to roots to straight up rock & roll, their talent is evident within minutes, and their deep sisterly connection within seconds.  These girls seem so well suited to play with each other.  The super talented Rebecca and Megan Lovell play off each other and at times, for each other.  Rebecca is the "lead" singer and Megan is the slide guitarist who plays her axe like a steel guitar but while standing.  Both have beautiful voices and harmonize great together.  I was super impressed with them and will follow them as they grow and mature.

See all the photos of these amazing woman!

Al Di Meola
9/14/21 - The Hamilton - Washington, DC


Lettuce has become one of our favorite jam bands.  The dynamic on stage is just awesome. Clearly well practiced, their sound is unique. Unlike most jam bands, their music has a definite musical backbone.  From the rhythms to the melodies and harmonies, Each song has a beginning, middle, and an end.  The talent is off the chart, from the guitar work of Adam Smirnoff to the unmistakable keyboard and vocals of Mr. Nigel Hall, to the backbone bass of Erick "Jesus" Combs, each member has their own "place" in the band, each making their own, perfectly placed talents a necessary part of each song. 

See all the photos


Trombone Shorty brought his funky new Orleans based jazz/blues fusion to Wolf Trap as part of a triple bill.  Also on that bill was Michael Franti and Spearhead. Trombone Shorty has an amazing amount of energy as well as talent.  I know of no other current bands fronted by a trombone player.  This, as well as his pure sound, make him unique. His shows are fun and filled with good vibes and dancing!

See the photos from the show


Yes, there are few original members of the band left.  There have been many in the band over the years.  After the classic 80s lineup disbanded, and all legal matters were settled, Henry Paul ended up with the rights to the name.  He now tours with a group of highly talented musicians, and, I'm assuming, great fans of the original band.  Henry Paul may be the voice most associated with The Outlaws, though that is debatable. Either way, they know how to honor the bands unmistakable influence on southern rock, and on music in general. Playing nearly all the hits, and a significant number of Henry Paul Band tunes, these guys were great. I do not go see bands without the original members, but what a treat to reminisce listening to the sonds of my teenage years played with force, skill, and passion. Henry Paul sounds amazing, having lost nothing vocally over the years.  It was a treat to hear these songs live again. 

Click here to see the photos from the show


I doubt there is any debate that Al Di Meola is one of the greatest guitar players in the world.  From his "Return to Forever" gig with Chic Corea, Stanley Clarke, and other notable musicians, right through to his solo projects, including "Tour De' Force Live" with Jan Hammer (where I got to know him), his talent is boundless and always on display. Al put on a fantastic acoustic concert!   Showing off all of his outstanding talent.  I try not to miss his shows if they are anywhere nearby.

See the photos from the show (taken with a point and shoot).


​The Lancaster Roots & Blues festival in Lancaster, PA turned out to be a great self-contained, local music festival.  One of our absolute favorite group of musicians - The North Mississippi All Stars - packed the main room at the festival, which we were lucky enough to have attended.  A weekend of music with 80 bands playing in eight different venues. Luther Dickinson (guitar, vocals) and his brother Cody (drums, vocals), while relatively young, have proven themselves to be top notch writers, performers, and even producers.  Currently touring with Lamar Williams Jr on vocals and, these guys know how to write and play roots music from the soul. At the time of this writing, their latest album was inspired by an old roll of film Luther found and had developed. On it were photos from 15-20 years ago from spots alll over the southern U.S.  It's hard to put into words just how talented these brothers are.  Luther can do almost anything on the guitar.  From heavy rock, to sublime roots music, he has all the bases covered with his talent.  Cody is a top-notch drummer with a great unique vocal sound.  These guys were born into a musical family and were destined to be great.  They certainly have filled that bill, and then some.

See all the photos from this amazing show!

Fabulous Thunderbirds
8/2/21 - Rams Head On Stage
Michael Franti & Spearhead
8/24/21 - Wolf Trap - Vienna, VA
Pigeons Playing ping Pong
10/29/21 - The Anthem, Washington DC


Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. Yes - weird name, but don't let that fool you.  This band has more energy and downright talent than many new bands out there today.  Pigeons Playing Ping Pong are: Scrambled’ Greg Ormont – Vocals, Guitar; Jeremy Schon – Guitar, Vocals; Ben Carrey – Bass, Vocals; Alex 'Gator' Petropulos – Drums.  They brought their flock to The Anthem in Washington, DC - a beautiful large room with a killer sound system.  I saw them a few times before, once opening for another jam band.  I was a convert pretty early into that first set. With their over-the-top energy and freakish talent, the band reminds me of a young Widespread Panic.  The driver of the band is clearly Greg Ormont, with his long curly black hair and energy on top of energy, he leads the band and the crowd into a frenzy of dancing and thrills.  Known for their amazing light show, this night was no different.  Highlighting each memeber of the band in turn, as well as full stage lighting of every color in the spectrum.  Watch for these guys - I see a long, happy future for them.

See all the photos from this killer show!

7/9/21 - The Lake George Music Festival
Oliver Wood
7/11/21 - The Strathmore
It is so nice having things, musically at least, return to some form of normal.  
As always, we hope you find something here that makes you smile, moves you, or is simply more interesting than just social media.  We love social media but also needed a broader space to do what we want - so here we are!  HappyHolidaystoall!!
Eric Gales
10/16/21 - Lancaster Roots & Blues Festival - Lancaster, PA
Jon Anderson
8/3/21 - Rams Head On Stage
Hot Tuna
11/24/21 - The Birchmere - Alexandria, VA
Bob Dylan
12/02/21 - The Anthem - Washington, DC
Samantha Fish
11/11/21 - The Fillmore - Silver Spring, MD
Tab Benoit
10/21/21 - The Birchmere - Alexandria, VA


Oliver Wood did a mini tour without his brother Chris (the third member of The Wood Brothers) in support of his solo album "Always Smilin'" released in March of 2021 . Since I'm a huge fan of all things by The Wood Brothers, I thought seeing what Oliver was doing on his own would be interesting. It was. The new material, while sounding a lot like The Wood Brothers' music, still had a bit of a different feeling to them.  They were more story, singing oriented, and less jam/rock centered. Having Jano Rix with him from The Wood Brothers made things feel more comfortable then if he had another drummer. It was a fun afternoon filled with interesting, soulful music. 

See the pictures from the show

Lindsey Buckingham
9/14/21 - The Warner Theatre - Washington, DC
Trombone Shorty
8/24/21 - Wolf Trap - Vienna, VA
The Outlaws
7/8/21 - The Lake George Music Festival


Davy Knowles brought his unique sound and guitar playing talent to Rams Head On Stage on October 18.  Davy is a throwback to an earlier, simpler time of just playing the strings off his guitar. With his ever-present nod to Rory Gallagher, Davy smokes his vintage Telecaster each time he plays. He has other guitars, but they only make brief appearances, as he is continually drawn back to that vintage black Telecaster, which is a good thing for the audience since this guitar has a sound all it's own. You can find plenty of rig rundowns on Davy and this guitar online. As usual, he had the crowd up on their feet at the end of the show, after playing about 90 minutes of mostly original songs (he is a prolific writer as well). If you get a chance to catch Davy live, do not pass it up!

See the shots we took at this show

Davy Knowles
10/18/21 - Rams Head On stage - Annapolis, MD
Toronzo Cannon
9/4/21 - The Hamilton - Washington, DC
North Mississippi Allstars
10/17/21 - Lancaster Roots & Blues Festival - Lancaster, PA
Larkin Poe
10/17/21 - Lancaster Roots & Blues Festival - Lancaster, PA

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Samantha Fish brought her tour supporting her new album Faster to the Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD on Nov 11, 2021. This woman is just amazing. Each time I see her she has different band members, less or more instruments - and she holds it all together and rocks the shit out of the audience every time! I’ve been covering Samantha for nearly 10 years now and she is the hardest working, most talented, genius of a musician. I believe she is just now coming into her own.  Defining a look, a sound, a personality for the stage.  Her guitar playing really impressed me - the one weakness, (if you had to pick one), I thought she had for a while. She has clearly been practicing and has gotten extremely good!  Raw. Dirty. Beautiful.  It's all coming together. As always her vocals were spot on. As if she was born to sing blues.

See all the photos from this killer show!