Stayed in that funk. Electric. Yearning ballad and back to taking control. Here it is. Great low and introspective. Killer, loud, and all encompassing. Some intriguing music. And a lead break – just at the perfect time. Deep Robin Trowery, slow scream. Now you know – Eli is legit. Feel like you could sing with it even though you don’t know the words. I’m praying Eli. Crazy talented production of this album. Some tunes could go on longer, but leaving wanting more works. I now know I can’t wait to hear the rest (which, by the way, is just as good, or better and the first), and hopefully you do too.  Get this album. It’s very, very good!

On August 17, 2017, The Hamilton in Washington, DC hosted, for the very first time, Mr. Walter Trout and his band. Walter was in rare form coming out from the start and destroying the audience with old and new music. Walter has dozens of albums worth of music to pick from and the audience loved every minute of it. One of the most prolific bluesman out there now, Walter has made a triumphant comeback after nearly loosing his life to liver disease.

  See all the photos from that night!​​

On August 20, 2017, Jonny Lang made a pit stop at The Birchmere in Alexandria, VA. Touring in support of his eighth album, Signs, Jonny left little doubt that he is one of the top blues / blues rock guitar player around. Passion in waves, Jonny and the band put on a fantastic set of great music. Heavy blues to ballads and everything in between!

  See all the photos from that night!​​

Our Post-Dixie Dregs Reunion Tour Interview
With Steve Morse
Tab Benoit
The Wood Brothers
Eli Cook - High-Dollar Gospel

Photo credit: Janine Morse

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​​On May 4, 2018, TAUK took over the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC. The four piece jam-band is currently touring in support of their EP Shapeshifter I: Construct. Band members Matt Jalbert (Guitar), Isaac Teel (Drums), Charlie Dolan (Bass), and Alric "A.C." Carter (Keyboards) hail from Oyster Bay, NY and have been making music together since 2012 when Isaac Teel joined the other three members. Impressed when I saw them open for Lettuce last year at the 9:30 club, I was excited to see them as headliners. They did not dissapoint! One of the most talented group of young musicians currently touring, TAUK are super talented. Their intricate, groovy jams, have a way of taking over an audience and the chemistry between the players on stage and the fans in the crowd meld into a unique experience not to be missed.

See photos from this amazing two-set show!

On February 6, 2018 acoustic guitar virtuoso Tommy Emmanuel played the Birchmere in Alexandria, VA. I vividly remember my first exposure to Mr. Emmanuel, I was flipping the television channels one night when I came across an acoustic guitar player on PBS making sound with the guitar that I wouldn't have believed possible if I wasn't watching it! Tommy Emmanuel is generally regarded as one of the most talented acoustic guitar players in the world. Please go out and find recent videos of him playing, since words, and for that matter, photos, cannot accurately describe his phenomenal talents.

  See all the photos from that night!​​

Who is the hardest working touring band in the world right now?  On February 10, 2018, at one of our favorite music venues, The Warner Theater in Washington, DC, The Tedeschi Trucks Band proved to me again that they are. Combine Derek Trucks' physics-defying guitar playing, Susan's unbridled energy and talent, with the remarkable group of musicians, most long-time members, assembled for each performance, and no musical "act" is comparable. The sheer love their fans have for them is evident at each show. Dancing is nearly a prerequisite for attending. Watching the band grow over the years, especially the evolution of Susan and Derek, has been a real treat.

  See all the photos from that night!​​

the 2018 Dixie Dregs Reincarnation

The Birchmere is one of our favorite music clubs! The line-up of musicians regularly playing the club has always been very strong since they began more than 50 years ago!

Thanks to all the staff at the Birchmere - from the ladies and gentlemen who run the box office, to the wait staff, the door men and women, and a special thanks to Dave and Buddy for handling the lights and sound and the everything.

The Tedeschi Trucks Band
Roots Rock revival
August 14 - 18, 2017

Tom Pragliola and his son Evan have attended Roots Rock Revival camp four years in a row now.

A series of Music Masters Camps are offered each summer at Full Moon Resorts at Big Indian, NY. The camps are an intensive, week-long experience of interaction between professional musicians and attendees.

At Roots Rock Revival, different combinations of the ‘Artists In Residence’ play a set of music each night after dinner, and the first night features Oteil Burbridge, Luther Dickinson, Cody Dickinson and friends Craig Keil and Jackson Kincheloe.

After the show, the jamming begins. Attendees bring their guitars, sticks, and varying degrees of of musical experience to one of three different locations. The camp has attendees of all ages and musical levels and everyone participates. And it works.

  Read the entire story here and see all the photos Tom took here.

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​​On April 28, 2018, the Dixie Dregs played the final show of the Dawn Of The Dregs Tour. Fittingly, the final show was in Atlanta, GA. Now part of music history, the far too short, two-month run has come to an end.

As we wrap up our extensive coverage of Dregs reincarnation, we spoke with Steve Morse to get his perspective on this huge undertaking for him and the rest of the band who made their first album together over 40 years ago. It has been a great journey with the band since 2015 when Rod Morgenstein first discussed the idea of a Dixie Dregs reunion tour with me. We have interviewed all the band members, and we've interviewed Rod and Steve multiple times before, during, and now after the tour. Here we present the sort-of "wrap-up" interview with Steve Morse on the tour. We also discuss other of his bucket-list projects, and his more immediate gig - touring with Deep Purple on their "Long Road Goodbye" farewell tour. We caught up to Steve on May 1, 2018 in Mexico after spending only one day at his home after the Dregs tour was over.

Read the full text of our interview.

A personal thank you to all the members of the band; Steve Morse, Rod Morgenstein, Andy West, Allen Sloan, and Steve Davidowski, as well as their tour manager Jeff Burkhart and the entire Dregs crew!

On March 5, 2018 Tab Benoit rolled into Rams Head On Stage in Annaplois, MD. This tour features two artists, Eric Johanson and Jeff McCarty who both recently released albums on Tab's label, Whiskey Bayou Records. An extra added bonus is that Tab and Corey both played on the albums, with Tab on drums!  This was a treat as it's no secret that Tab began his love of music playing the drums - and he is good! After two 30 minutes sets, by Eric and Jeff, respectively, Tab came out and, as is usually the case, blew the crowd away with his unique brand of bayou blues-rock. I'm not sure how he does it, but he seems to just get better every time I see him play!

  See all the photos from that night!​​

Carrying On at Roots Rock Revival

 Roots Rock Revival is a Music Masters Camp conceived by Butch Trucks and Michael Price in collaboration with Henry Stout at Full Moon Resorts. It began in 2013 with ‘Artists In Residence’ Butch Trucks and Oteil Burbridge (of The Allman Brothers Band), and Luther and Cody Dickinson (North Mississippi Allstars). Occurring every August, it has expanded every succeeding year in both Artists and attendees.

  Read the rest of the story here.​​

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Jonny Lang

May 19, 2018

Opens with the clear, unmistakable, picking on a resonator guitar. Rod Stewart / Steven Tyler / with maybe more than a whiff of country. Strong powerful vocals. Old time blues. Porch steps dusty lemonade and dogs barking. Dance party toe-tapping feel good tune. Liberating to be “gone”. Sounds like fun too. Great slide work, reminiscent of Sonny Landreth (who I just saw last month).

Deeper, darker overtones, vocally deeper and further in.  Are we getting there? What’s up in there Eli? Definitely a Monday – feeling sorry for yourself kind of time.  Try all them medicines…. AIN’T GOING TO HEAL THOSE BLUES. Overdubs by sultry keys or organ or another slide guitar….? Flawless changes. Vocals and guitar mesh as one instrument. Not easy to do but so well meshed. Can’t not notice. Even if you’re cleaning the house, or overhear it walking past a window, or hear it in the background – it will catch your ear.

Walter Trout
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​​On May 27, 1977 a classic album of all instrumental music titled Free Fall was released in the U.S. by a relatively little known band called the Dixie Dregs. Nearly 41 years later, on February 28, 2018, all five musicians who created Free Fall reunited for a brand new tour.  Steve Morse (guitar), Andy West (bass), Rod Morgenstein (drums), Allen Sloan (violin), and Steve Davidowski (keyboard) delighted their hard-core fan base with the news. Well, as of April 28, 2018, the reunion tour was over. In the books. Part of music history. Some Dixie Dregs fans weren't yet born when Free Fall was released, some had never had the chance to see them live, and still others made it to every show they could. Most everyone who has seen this tour have come away amazed and fulfilled.

After we broke the news about the reunion (thanks to our good friend Rod Morgenstein), and after interviewing all five band members, we were in the audience in Washington, DC at The Lincoln Theater on March 7, 2018 to see the show. The band sounded fantastic, playing songs from their extensive catalog. What a treat to hear tunes like "Day 444" and "Cruise Control" live!  There was definitely electricity in the air. Hundreds of fans just like me, who have been waiting to see them live either their whole adult lives, or possibly, since the last reunion in 2009 were blown away. It was a special night and the band seemed to feel it as well. We were also on hand in NYC at The Town Hall on Friday March 16th. It seems as if any bugs have been worked out and the guys are hitting on all cylinders. We were granted unique access and were able to capture some amazing photos of the band at both shows.

See the photos from the 3/7 show and the photos from the 3/16 show.   

As we continue to cover the Dixie Dregs reunion tour, and with Steve Morse’s permission, I am happy to be able to set a few things straight regarding the theft of Steve’s prized Buscarino guitar.

While initially it appeared that the guitar was taken during load-in in DC, as it turns out, it was actually stolen while the crew was loading out in Durham, NC the night before. It was inventoried as it was loaded into the van, but things needed to be reshuffled to make room. It appears now that it was taken at that point but went undetected until load-in in DC.

Steve described its return to me in the recent interview we did on April 5, 2018, without going into great detail, mostly because Steve stayed out of the return.

Read this interview with Steve Morse and read about the return of his classical guitar, how the tour is progressing, what his thoughts are on the reunion and a lot more.

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Tommy Emmanuel


The 2018 Reincarnation of The Dixie Dregs – Part Two
Steve Hefter
Rock, Roots, & Blues – Live
November 27, 2017

Over the course of the last few months, I've conducted a series of interviews with each of the five original Dixie Dregs. This is the group that played on the first real commercial album by the band, Free Fall. This edition of Rock, Roots, & Blues - Live includes an in-depth discussion with Steve Morse, the musical visionary of the band. Steve and I discussed the upcoming tour, how his style has changed over the years, as well as much deeper, personal introspection regarding what he has learned and how he has grown since the band was formed over forty years ago. In addition, we finally track down Mr. Allen Sloan, violin virtuoso and an unmistakable part of the Dixie Dregs' unique sound. This is our first conversation with Allen, and his excitement about the up coming tour was evident. The contrast between Steve Morse and Allen is stark, in terms of what they've been doing for the last forty years. Steve has remained a driving force in the music world as the lead guitarist for the classic hard rockers, Deep Purple, as well as his own projects, Flying Colors and The Steve Morse Band. In contrast, Allen Sloan has been less prominent in the music industry, but no less busy. I was glad to find out that Allen still gets out to play rather often. Find out what he has been up to and read about Steve's thoughts on a myriad of topics

Check back often as we will be talking with, and following the band, up to and through the 2018 tour.

Click here to read the interview with Steve Morse and my interview with Allen Sloan.

You can also read part one in our series of interviews with the Dixie Dregs here.​ 

We spoke to the band about the 2018 tour and much more.

On January 27, 2018 brothers Oliver and Chris Wood, and Jano Rix brought their tour to the Lincoln Theater in Washington, DC. Their latest recording, One Drop of Truth, was to be released just days after the show and the music from the album made up a good part of the show. The last time I saw The Wood Brothers, they, along with Hot Tuna, were opening for the Tedeschi Trucks Band. On this night, they were the headliners, and deservedly so. Their unique folksy, rock, ballad-jam style of music draws you in and never looses the listener. Each are multi-talented musicians. It is Oliver Wood's presence and guitar playing that first catches your attention. His brother Chris plays the stand-up bass for a lot of the songs and is equally talented, and as the show builds, it is his passion and energy that at times takes over, usually leading to a very cool free-form dance with and without his bass as a dancing partner. Jano Rix plays a multitude of instruments, from a small drum kit to a melodica (a type of blow organ). The formation of the band is interesting with Oliver and Chris both successful musicians prior to forming The Wood Brothers, though each taking very different paths. I am excited to see where (musically) they take the band next. Get out and see them if you can.

  See all the photos from that night!​​