This was only my second time seeing these sisters of rock.  Though once was enough to convert me to a fan! They have something special. Passion. In addition to their vocal talents, they each can play a mean guitar. I've seen them referred to as the Sisters of the Allman Brothers.  That should provide a good description as any, of what kind of music they play. With seven studio albums under their belts, I guess they are not just a fad. These girls are for real and come to play!!  Filled with everything from ballads to hard driving rock and roll, the girls are amazing. Megan (the older of the two) uses a lap steel standing up.  It takes a little getting used to but then the newness wears off and you are left with two girls who should, and I hope they do, become hit makers. It is safe to say that I will make every attempt to see them live when they are within driving distance, every time!

See all the photos.

Super star Skunk Baxter brought his band to Rams Head On Stage in the middle of the year.  His guitar work is still stellar.  The band was fantastic backing up some of the most well known music in the world.  His time with Steely Dan happens to be my favorite and they played plenty of their hits.  Mr. Baxter may want to consider changing the set list to accomodte his voice, which now struggles to hit the high notes, but it really didn't distract from the awesome music emanating from the stage.
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Larkin Poe
March 9, 2023 - 9:30 Club - Washington, DC

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March 24, 2023

Welcome to Rock, Roots, & Blues - Live!
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​​​Rock, Roots, & Blues - Live

Robert Cray
June 5, 2022 - Rams Head On Stage - Annapolis, MD

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Mountain Jam 2012;  photo: S. Hefter

Tedeschi Trucks Band
March 4, 2023 - Warner Theatre - Washington, DC
Cheryl Crow & Jason Isabell
June 16, 2022 - Wolf Trap
Primus with Battle
May 24, 2022 - The Warner Theatre - Washington, DC
George Porter Jr. & Cyril Neville
June 18, 2022 - Wolf Trap
Tab Benoit with Lightnin Malcolm opening
Apr 6, 2022 - The Birchmere - Alexandria, VA
Sonny Landreth with Jamie McClean opening
Apr 8, 2022 - The Birchmere - Alexandria, VA

One of the elder statesman of the blues, Mr. Robert Cray rolled into Rams Head On Stage and brought his unique, beautiful style of the blues to a super appreciative audience. He is so talented....I was glad to see him play the guitar a little more than usual, since he is one of the most talented guitar players out there.  He played all his hits as well as newer music, just as good, just not recognizable yet. I try and never miss a Robert Cray show.   This one made at least a dozen.  One of my favorites.  The vocal and guitar together is something truly special.

See all the photos.

Jeff "Skunk" Baxter
May 4, 2022 - Rams Head On Stage - Annapolis, MD
Samantha Fish
December 12, 2022 - The Birchmere - Alexandria, VA

Sonny Landreth brought his unique slide guitar talent to The Hamilton in DC.  As always Sonny puts on two shows in one, a short acoustic set followed by a  longer, rocking electric set.  I remember discovering him several years go wondering why I had never heard of him before. Now I don't miss his local shows -- he is a master.  A quiet talent of epic proportions.

See all the photos.

It doesn't get much better than GPJ & Cyril Neville together. It is impossible to get tired of hearing the original Meters and Funky Meters work, especially with New Orleans royalty sitting in. George Porter always appears to be having a blast whenever he is playing.  This night was no exception. Having Mr. Neville out on stage playing the bongos and singing away with GPJ was a bonus.  They both sounded great - as if it was the 70's again.  Try not to ever miss a George Porter Jr. show!

See all the photos.

Anders Osborne and Jackie Green
May 27, 2022 - The Hamilton - Washington, DC

Cheryl Crow. Who doesn't remember when she became so huge so quickly? She played most of her hits on this night sticking to what works.  I personally had a great time listening to her after all these years.

See all the photos.

Well, not only have we seen a return to live music in 2022/2023 - we've seen a surge of touring musicians working their asses off!  At nearly every show we've seen this year the artist has made it a point to thank the audience for turning out for the "return of live music".  With much authenticity, the artists we've seen have expressed their utter joy at playing live again.  I will mention that a few acts never really stopped touring, but I believe finding gigs was the tough part.  In any event we couldn't be happier to return to some sort of normalcy; back to photographing, listening, and enjoying live music again!  Our guess is you all feel the same way!
Rock & Roll will never die and the road really does go on forever!

A shout out to the legendary 9:30 club in DC.  The long-time music venue has become world famous for the quality of music the club brings in night after night.

It has certainly become one of our favorite places to catch a show here in DC.  With a capacity of approximately 1,200 people, a killer sound system, cutting edge, nationally known acts, and a staff that is second to none, you can always count on a good time at a 9:30 club show!

Thank you all!

The Oliver Wood Trio
Apr 20, 2022 - Rams Head On Stage - Annapolis, MD

Any Anders Osborne show is a good show.   This one was no different.  Anders has become one of the most prolific writer/players out there.   Each of his songs tell a story, and I love that.  I like to hear his take on life and issues.  I much prefer his electric show but when he plays acoustic you are able to see a true musician in action.

See all the photos.

Tedeschi Trucks Band
February 16, 2023 - Warner Theatre - Washington, DC
Fantastic Negrito
June 22, 2022 - 9:30 Club - Washington, DC
I've never seen a bad Tab Benoit show.  In fact - each time I see him I am blown away by his sheer talent and passion.   Lately he's been taking newer artists on the road with him - all signed to his label Whiskey Bayou Records.  Anyone who loves great guitar playing has to get out and see Tab live.  You'll thank us later!! With Drumer Terence Higgins and bass player Corey Duplechin, they make a formidable force.  As I heard Tab say at a show once, "The music sounds better when it's bouncing off the audience's faces". 

See all the photos here.

Oliver Wood continues to crank out rock-solid folk/rock music with a soul.  He stopped by Rams Head On Stage with his trio made up of Wood Brothers percussionist and keyboard player Jano Rix, and bass player Ted Peccio with Oliver on guitar and vocals.  Disappointed not to have Oliver's brother Chris, also of The Wood Brothers, joining, but Ted more than made up for it.  Playing tons of Wood Brothers hits as well as the new music from The Oliver Wood Trio's latest release, Always Smilin' The trio took over the club with Oliver's musical stories of love and heartache.
See all the photos.

Fantastic Negrito.  One of the newer acts I've discovered.  He puts on a unique rocking show, with his excellent guitar playing, and his stage presence, he wowed the crowd.  With tunes I had never heard, he made a new fan out of me.  His sheer energy on stage was enough to draw you in.  I hope to see him again very soon.
See all the photos.

Primus!  I went to see the show to see bass player extraordinaire, Les Claypool.  The band was great, and Les didn't disappoint.  They rocked a super appreciative audience. It seemed that the audience had waited a long time to see the band rock out again.  I will definitely go and see them again, if able.
See all the photos.

Not only were we able to catch the last show of TTB's Warner Theatre residency, we were also lucky enough to be at the first show as well.  The difference is that the final show is usually just two sets from TTB.  Other shows you can expect an opener, and on February 16, we were not disappointed.  Gabe Dixon, TTB keyboardist, put on a really passionate opening set with tunes from older albums he's put out, as well as his most recent release, his 2021 release Lay It On Me.  He combined with the full band's set (found here on Archive.Org)  See all the photos.

N  See all the photos.

It appeared as if Derek threw the entire band a curve ball to kickoff the show, when he decided to open the last show of their annual residency at The Warner Theatre with "Midnight in Harlem".  Susan had a look of surprise on her face as Derek launched into the opening notes.  I'm not sure if the band has ever opened a show with this tune, but it felt like a first. And it was amazing!  Derek must have known something about how he was feeling because the version they cranked out was truly mind-blowing.  The rest of the set was just as good as you can read below (source:

​Set 1
Midnight in Harlem; Play Video; Do I Look Worried; Gravity; Life Is Crazy (Mike Mattison cover); Learn How to Love; All the Love; Yes We Will; Idle Wind; 

Set 2:
So Long Savior; Anyhow; Playing With My Emotions; Where Are My Friends?; Stand Back
(The Allman Brothers Band cover) (>) Mr. Clean (Freddie Hubbard cover - with Stand Back reprise); The Feeling Music Brings; (Susan Tedeschi song); I Walk on Guilded Splinters (Dr. John cover); Bound for Glory; Angel From Montgomery (John Prine cover); Get What You Deserve; (The Derek Trucks Band cover); 

Space Captain (Matthew Moore cover)

I've covered TTB since 2012, a mere two years after forming.  I've been lucky enough to witness, first-hand, the evolution into the top touring band in the world (as of this writing).  I've watched Derek mature into an inventor. He has a way of plating notes, that, by themselves would never sound good together, but by stringing those thoughts and the ones in his head (likely 10 steps ahead of everyone else), together, he is able to invent entirely new solos live, on the spot.  It's an amazing thing to watch up close and give in to the sounds, losing oneself.  And Susan...what is there to say about her? She has always has "the" has now just become yet more bluesy, sultry, and full out rocking! The one area I think she has improved so much at is her guitar playing. 

While always a star, as The Susan Tedeschi Band, possibly by osmosis, though I bet she practices her ass off, it is her guitar playing that she has mastered, and when she decides she is going to rip up a song (ex: The Sky is Crying), there is no hesitation, and the rest of the band knows it's coming.  She's remarkable, fun, and very smart.  And that band.... Mike Mattison has a voice that could stand alone and belt out the blues.  Ephraim Owens (trumpet), Elizabeth Lea (Trombone), Tyeler Greewell (Drums), and a few of the other long-time members, have gelled ito a force on-stage.  I especially wanted to mention Alecia Chakour, who has such and amazing voice, her pitch and range are beautiful.  Paert of it is what she adds when Susan is singing.  If you pay attention she is singing a lot of the parts backing Susan up, and it magical.  When she has a solo or sings one of her songs is when I perk up a bit and really listen.  Always a treat!  Yje rest of the band are all stars in their own-right.  All talented and complimnent the larger band perfectly. As I mentioned, I've been covering them a long time. Since Mountain Jam 2012.  It had been raining off and on, right up until TTB took the stage about 3:00 (if I remember), and the clouds parted and the sun stared to peek out.  By the end of the set the sun was totally out and it had become a beautiful afternoon.  Coincidence?  Maybe.  This was the shot I took that say that started this whole magazine, photography, obsession.  I had run out of camera battery, si with my, then old iphone, I snapped this.  I wasnt even watching, The music told me to take it.  True story, promise.  Some years later I had it printed on wood and one night at the Warner, while the fist set was ending, I asked Susan to sign it.  She did and I was, and still am, super happy about this.

See all the photos.