​​​Rock, Roots, & Blues - Live

Opens with the clear, unmistakable, picking on a resonator guitar. Rod Stewart / Steven Tyler / with maybe more than a whiff of country. Strong powerful vocals. Old time blues. Porch steps dusty lemonade and dogs barking. Dance party toe-tapping feel good tune. Liberating to be “gone”. Sounds like fun too. Great slide work, reminiscent of Sonny Landreth (who I just saw last month).

Deeper, darker overtones, vocally deeper and further in.  Are we getting there? What’s up in there Eli? Definitely a Monday – feeling sorry for yourself kind of time.  Try all them medicines…. AIN’T GOING TO HEAL THOSE BLUES. Overdubs by sultry keys or organ or another slide guitar….? Flawless changes. Vocals and guitar mesh as one instrument. Not easy to do but so well meshed. Can’t not notice. Even if you’re cleaning the house, or overhear it walking past a window, or hear it in the background – it will catch your ear. Stayed in that funk. Electric. Yearning ballad and back to taking control. Here it is. Great low and introspective. Killer, loud, and all encompassing. Some intriguing music. And a lead break – just at the perfect time. Deep Robin Trowery, slow scream. Now you know – Eli is legit. Feel like you could sing with it even though you don’t know the words. I’m praying Eli. Crazy talented production of this album. Some tunes could go on longer, but leaving wanting more works. I now know I can’t wait to hear the rest (which, by the way, is just as good, or better and the first), and hopefully you do too.  Get this album. It’s very, very good!

Eli Cook - High-Dollar Gospel