​​​Rock, Roots, & Blues - Live

The Marcus King Band

December 8, 2019 - 9:30 Club - Washington, DC


By: Steve Hefter

On tour in support of their latest album, Up And Rolling, on November 13, 2019 the North Mississippi Allstars made a stop at The Hamilton, one of DC's premier nightclubs. Definitely one of those shows you look forward to for the months leading up to it, and with good reason. The NMA, in their rawest form, is a power trio with their roots firmly planted in the blues. Brothers Luther Dickinson (guitar, keys, vocals) and Cody Dickinson (drums, vocals, guitar, washboard, etc.) are the heart of the band. This particular night saw Jessie Williams on the bass guitar. 

Seemingly too young to have been at it for 23 years, with ten studio albums, this album is different. They wanted to connect the music of those they grew up idolizing, with what was happening in the music scene they knew today. All sparked by an old, forgotten roll of film shot in 1996 by Wyatt McSpadden with photos of of people and places in North Mississippi that were special to the brothers. This is how Up And Rolling was born.  Listening and watching Luther play, can launch a tad of confusion in one's mind. He is some kind of genuine, superhero.  At times you'd swear you were listening to a ninety year old blues pioneer, with brother Cody wailing on his washboard. Then with a chord progression, or after playing with the volume on his amp and/or guitar (or both), you're now watching one of the cutting edge guitar players of our time. It is all a joy to take in - to watch - and to listen to, and I think the band is having as much, or more fun than the audience!  Any time NMA is headlining, it's a pretty simple formula - GO.