​​​Rock, Roots, & Blues - Live

Samantha Fish

October 19, 2020 - The Birchmere - Alexandria, VA

​​​​​By: Steve Hefter

October 19, 2020 had been circled on my calendar for months. Samantha Fish came to The Birchmere, with yet another incarnation of a band, to rock the sold out crowd.  Likely due to Covid and cost (though I don't know for sure), Samantha showed up with a trio - harkening back to her power trio days with Christopher Alexander and Go Go Ray on drums.  This night Samantha was joined by Terence Higgins on drums and Ron Johnson on the bass guitar.  While I like her full band with the horn section, I won't deny, I was very excited at the prospect of seeing Samantha in power trio mode again!  There is something far more personal when Sam leads the charge with a trio.  She is in full command of the entire concert.  She sets the grooves, the attitude of the show. 

This night was an exceptional show!  Not just grateful to be playing live, but you could tell, she was digging being back at her musical roots.  Her guitar playing - especially her leads breaks are more powerful with a direct sense of purpose in the trio format.  She loves rocking out with an audience, and we were more than willing to join the groove!  Knowing just when to slow things down, she broke out the acoustic guitar for a few songs in the middle of the set.  I've sen every incarnation of Samantha's bands throughout the years, since 2014, and it's the power trio that still grabs me.  Here is the amazing 20 song set list from night one. She played the following night there as well.

1.Road Runner; 2. Hurt's All Gone; 3. Chills and Fever (Johnny Love cover); 4. Wild Heart; 5. Blood in the Water; 6. Highway's Holding Me Now; 7. Place to Fall; 8. Gone for Good; 9. Bitch on the Run; 10. You Can't Go (Lonnie Lester cover); 11. Need You More (solo acoustic); 12. If I Were Your Woman (Gladys Night cover) (solo acoustic); 13. Love Letters (solo acoustic); 14. You Got It Bad; 15. Kill or Be Kind; 16. Black Wind Howlin'; 17. Dream Girl; 18. Miles to Go; 19. Bulletproof; #ENC: Don't Let It Bring you Down