​​​Rock, Roots, & Blues - Live


Jimmy Herring is from another world!  Nearly everything he works on is unique and of course is another vehicle for him to dig deep into his musical soul and translate it to audiences through his insane talent. Always playing with fantastic musicians in their own right, The 5 of 7 sounded as if they had been together for years. Winding through extended jams liberally sprinkled with hard rock jams leading into Jimmy soaring to places most guitar players can only dream of. Beside Jimmy Herring (guitar), the band is Kevin Scott (bass), Darren Stanley (drums), Matt Slocum (keys, vocals), and Rick Lollar (guitar, lead vocals). These four had a band that Jimmy heard called King Baby out of Atlanta. After listening to them, Jimmy thought that the five of them could write and mke some amazing music, and he was right. In addition to being a fantastic guitarist, rick also has a knack for singing. He has a distinct vocalizations and can sing through the entire spectrum, exceling on the louder, more rocking tunes, his vocals and playing mesh very neatly with Jimmy Herring's unique, powerful playing. In fact, this entire band felt destined to be. They put on a fine, well rounded show at the top-noth Hamilton in Washington, DC.

Jimmy Herring & The 5 of 7

October 1, 2019 - The Hamilton - Washington, DC