​​​Rock, Roots, & Blues - Live

In full disclosure, I went to this show to see Jonny Lang. I am a huge fan, and a concert with just him is always more than just fine. I knew there was an opening act, but didn't know who. Imagine my utter thrill at finding out (thirty minutes prior to show-time) that the North Mississippi Allstars and JJ Grey and Mofro were both going on before Jonny. This is one of the best triple bills I've ever seen. NMA came out and brothers Cody (drums, washboard) and Luther Dickinson (guitar, vocals) with Scott Sutherland on bass, casually walked out, said hello to the audience, and proceeded to rock and roll for over an hour! Luther Dickinson is a force of nature. His playing is spot on, clean, and happy, never over the top or forced, he drives the trio.  Luther's technique is really something you need to see to appreciate just how difficult and technical what he is doing on the guitar really is. If you only listen, he makes it sound so effortless and fluid, you might not "get it" all.

Jonny Lang

July 11, 2019 - Modell Lyric - Baltimore, MD