​​​Rock, Roots, & Blues - Live

On June 21, 2018, classic rock icon Steven Tyler and The Loving Mary Band came to Wolf Trap on their current tour and rocked the house! Opening with "Sweet Emotion" and continuing with an Aerosmith heavy set-list, Tyler showed the audience that age is in fact just a number. At 70 years old, he can still hit the notes and sounded great. Backed by a band he's toured with for the past few years, The Loving Mary Band more than kept pace with the faster rock tunes, and showed their own talent with their backing vocals and spirited playing. Tyler is the consummate showman and had the crowd on their feet from the moment he walked on stage.

Having seen Aerosmith many times in their heyday, it was great to see and hear Steven command the music and the crowd again. Tyler spent a few minutes familiarizing the audience with Janie's Fund, the charitable organization he founded with the non-profit group Youth Villages, that provides resources and support to neglected and abused girls. Visit them at http://janiesfund.org/. Opening the show were The Sisterhood Band, who, "flew up from Nashville just to open this show." The duo; Alyssa Bonagura, who sings and plays a mean acoustic guitar, and Ruby Stewart, singing and working the tambourine were great and shared their energy and enthusiasm with the audience, grabbing them right away. Happy, enthusiastic, and talented, with sweet vocals, the pair owned Wolf Trap for their roughly 25 minute set.

We are fortunate to be able to share photos we took from this killer show. 

Steven Tyler & The Loving Mary Band

June 21, 2018 - Wolf Trap