​​​Rock, Roots, & Blues - Live

While vacationing in PA over the summer, I found out that Robert Cray and Shemekia Coplenad were playing not more than 15 minutes from us. Needless to say - we went.  Robert Cray has been at the top of the blues music scene for decades now. His clear, powerful vocals combined with his universally acknowledged guitar prowess always make for a great show.  His shows are always flawless, almost precision-like. Each song telling it's own story. His guitar playing so smooth and fluent, always impressive. If I could ask for one thing, I would love to see him improv more guitar work. He keeps all that raw talent under wraps, leaving me wanting to see him just rip through a ten minute solo. Even so, his show was fun and always memorable. Shemekia Copleand put on a short, but soulful set. Her talent is effortless. The show also featured Marc Cohn with The Blind Boys of Alabama. Legends, the Blind Boys still sound amazing, and Marc Cohn and his unique vocal style was interesting to hear.

Robert Cray, Marc Cohn & The Blind Boys of Alabama

with Shemeika Coplenad

June 17, 2019 - American Music Theatre - Lancaster, PA