Samantha Fish
11/11/21 - The Fillmore - Silver Spring, MD


Samantha Fish brought her tour supporting her new album Faster to the Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD on Nov 11, 2021. This woman is just amazing. Each time I see her she has different band members, less or more instruments - and she holds it all together and rocks the shit out of the audience every time! I’ve been covering Samantha for nearly 10 years now and she is the hardest working, most talented, genius of a musician.

I believe she is just now coming into her own.  Defining a look, a sound, a personality for the stage.  Her guitar playing really impressed me - the one weakness, (if you had to pick one), I thought she had for a while. She has clearly been practicing and has gotten extremely good!  Raw. Dirty. Beautiful.  It's all coming together. As always her vocals were spot on. As if she was born to sing blues.

​​​Rock, Roots, & Blues - Live