​​​Rock, Roots, & Blues - Live

Davy Knowles
10/18/21 - Rams Head On stage - Annapolis, MD


Davy Knowles brought his unique sound and guitar playing talent to Rams Head On Stage on October 18.  Davy is a throwback to an earlier, simpler time of just playing the strings off his guitar. With his ever-present nod to Rory Gallagher, Davy smokes his vintage Telecaster each time he plays. He has other guitars, but they only make brief appearances, as he is continually drawn back to that vintage black Telecaster, which is a good thing for the audience since this guitar has a sound all it's own. You can find plenty of rig rundowns on Davy and this guitar online.

As usual, he had the crowd up on their feet at the end of the show, after playing about 90 minutes of mostly original songs (he is a prolific writer as well). If you get a chance to catch Davy live, do not pass it up!